Merchandise Supply

We are capable of turning around quality apparel, head wear, trinkets or paper products for whatever your needs require.

Tshirts, singlets, hoodies, stubby holders, posters, programs, button badges, metal badges, trucker caps, flat peak caps, baseball caps, stickers, tea towels, you name it, we can source it and add your image or message to it.

We have an intimate knowledge and relationship of all "off the shelf" suppliers as well as the ability to custom make any items you can think of both locally and off shore.

Our general print minimum are 50 shirts, or preferably 125 shirts, but just hit us up for whatever you need. We are free flowing with our advise of what sells and what doesn’t, and early advise to get your band team or event merch looking and selling great.

Contact us at for all your merch supply needs.

We are not the cheapest, but we are the best.